About Us

Perceptive Innovations, Inc. (PI2) is a small research and development company that specializes in early stage R & D through the integration and field-testing of novel prototype systems. Transition of the technologies developed by PI2 is achieved either through licensing or partnering with companies that are more focused upon the supply, installation and maintenance of operational systems. Our perspective is to approach every problem with a fully open mind, exploring the art of the possible, and optimizing a solution to our customer's needs, rather than finding ways to sell solutions available off the shelf. We also believe that difficult problems are best solved through collaborative teams, and transitioned through partnerships.

While Perceptive Innovations is a new name and brand, the reputation, track record, and integrity of its foundations are strongly established. We maintain the conviction that teaming and partnerships lead to greater innovations than working problems in isolation, and that the focus will be the long term solution to the customer and national problems, even at the short term expense of profitability. PI2 believes that problems are best solved starting from the customer requirement, and at the system level, breaking down complexity into three areas for investigative study:

  • Systems Engineering
    • Concept Development
    • Architecture and Preliminary Design
  • Algorithm Development and Characterization
    • Innovate to Create New Algorithms
    • Openness to Team with Companies that have Strong Existing Techniques
    • Validation through Analysis, Modeling, and Simulation
  • Advanced Technology Development
    • Research the ever-changing component-level COTS devices available, driven by commercial marketplaces and Moore’s Law
    • SoC & FPGA Signal Processing, Miniature Mixed-Signal Electronics Design
    • Software-Defined Multimodal Sensing
    • Rapid Prototyping and Proof of Concept